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Paint Roller Spattering Causes & Solutions

by Ali |

What is Spattering?

Those small little paint droplets left behind on an otherwise great paint project can often ruin the effect of a roller finish, right? Roller spattering is often an issue that is only realized post-paint, which can often be recognized late in the application or drying process. As rollers often employ a specific process and technique during the application stage, roller spattering can occur if using exterior paint on an interior surface, or if using a lower quality latex paint.

Due to the composition of the paint itself, higher quality paints are made to minimise spattering, and should be used with high quality rollers to further reduce the risk or roller spattering. In certain cases, a high quality wall paint can be used for ceiling work for maximum spatter resistance; but ensure that you check with your local paint store or painter for the right type of paint for the job. Making sure that the roller is evenly spreading the paint to the paint surface, the zig-zag ‘W’ or ‘M’ pattern should be employed, while being careful to avoid overloading the roller with paint.

To minimise roller spattering during the paint application process, make sure a high quality, indoor paint is used, coupled with the use of a high quality roller, and using the right zig-zag technique; while constantly checking for signs of spattering during the job.