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Paint Picture Framing Causes & Solutions

by Ali |

What is Picture Framing?

When using rollers over a large area, such as a wall, and then using a brush to finish the corners, there appears the effect of what has come to be known as the “picture framing” effect, where the corners appear to be darker than the general painted area. This appears as a ‘frame’ around the “picture” area; also known as a sheen effect. Since the coverage appears thicker, the variation of colour appears more apparent, even if using both rollers and brushes. “Cutting in” the entire painting area before coating with rollers usually leads to more vivid or recognisable picture framing, which can be an issue later on.

Much of the issue with picture framing is due to adding colourant into the paint itself, to give a thicker or glossier look, which may not result in the intended look. It is possible to use both rollers and brushes, but the spread rates must be the same. For primary colours, or when using tinted or custom paints, make sure the paint tins are thoroughly shaken before use. Working in on small areas and then moving onto the bigger areas when painting helps avoid picture framing issues. Ensuring that uniformity over the entire painted area is achieved, make sure that consistent coverage, from both small areas to large, is done over the entire area, and paint tins are shaken well before use.

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