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Jeremy Festa Video Blog Intro

Video Blog Introduction: Jeremy looks after all of our professional

by Samuel Festa • 2 min read

Video Blog Introduction:

Jeremy looks after all of our professional clients throughout South East Queensland, from Noosa to the Tweed, this is an area of 22,000 square kilometres, and is home to over 3 million people. In order to reach everyone easily, his solution…provide helpful and interesting content to all our existing and potential clients via short videos. Jeremy will still be committed to meeting as many of our clients face-to-face but now you will be able to continue the conversation online and ask specific “How To” questions that Jeremy can answer to everyone and where possible provide video footage to help in the explanation.

So if you have a question on one of our services or anything painting-related or paint industry-related, email Jeremy ([email protected]) and he will answer the most asked questions via a short video.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, my name is Jeremy Festa, and I am the Sales & Marketing Manager here at Rochele Painting.

My parents started Rochele Painting 40 years ago, so I have an intimate knowledge of the business.

The most important aspect of my role is visiting our current clients to discuss their needs, deliver industry and service news, and gather feedback.

I also visit many potential customers within the real estate and strata industries, including numerous hotels and schools. So if you see me come into your office, please don’t think I am a hawker.

The truth is, our family owned and operated company has now matured into a strong, medium-sized business that services all of South East Queensland. My role meeting all of our current and potential clients is vital, and allows us to continually improve our services to be the best in the market.

After a number of years in the painting and decorating industry, I have seen that it is an industry full of fantastic and hardworking people. Many form part of the team at Rochele Painting, and many are heavily involved in the industries we service, such as strata, property and facilities management.

The part of my job that is the most fun is meeting these fantastic and hardworking characters at industry golf days, conferences, via our recently launched Linkedin profiles, or even delivering the odd Christmas gift to the workplaces of our most regular clients.

Those of you who know us well are aware we are not shy of the camera here at Rochele Painting.

Some of you may have seen our previous videos or even seen our new television advert.

Therefore…we have been making an effort to use short videos as our primary form of key client communication.

It can be quite difficult to keep painting fun and interesting; I mean, there is the age-old saying of “watching paint dry” to describe sheer boredom. So we will do our best to keep it short and sweet, and videos will be shot answering your most asked questions, providing helpful information to assist you in your role in organising painting quotes and projects.

If you would like to ask a question to be answered directly or via video, please email me at [email protected]