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Working With Pets and Saving Prada

Have you met Prada? This face belongs to sweet and gentle

by Samuel Festa • < 1 min read

Have you met Prada?

This face belongs to sweet and gentle Prada, a 10 year old Whippet, who was surrendered to Pets Without Partners in December 2015. Emaciated and in poor health, little did they know that Prada was in for a rough ride on the road to recovery.  Our animal loving staff member, Karen, brought Prada to our attention and as a company we choose our charities by what is important to our staff members and being animal lovers ourselves we decided to donate money towards Prada’s road to recovery to help give her a second chance at life.  To read more about Prada please visit Pets Without Partners.


Our experience working with Pets

Almost every day we are on a job that has a pet on-site.  Pets are apart of our lives and we know the importance they bring to individuals, families and companies.  Rochele Painting has been around for 40 years so that is a lot of pets we have been taking care of whilst our painters are carrying out our clients requests.  We know the importance of closing doors and gates properly and being mindful of what any pets on the property can get into that is not friendly to them.  Whether you have cats, birds, dogs, snakes, guinea pigs or fish we no the importance, no matter how big or small, your pet is to you and therefore we work carefully to ensure these pets are kept safe and happy throughout our visit.


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