rochele office is a pokestop for pokemon go


Our Head Office is a Pokemon Go Pokestop

Pokemon Go is an augmented reality location based mobile app game. Based on the popular TV show of the 1990s the game centres around the player traveling to various locations to catch Pokemon. This game is unique in that the player must actually physically go to a location on a map to access part of the game. When the player arrives at the location they can then use the camera on their phone to see a Pokemon moving around in a real life setting (augmented reality).

On the release of the game we noticed an unusual amount of foot traffic at the front of our office. We saw people looking to their phones walking back and forth. We quickly realised that Rochele Painting was part of the Pokemon Go game. Players were coming to this location to catch Pokemon and stock up on free Pokemon balls.

We decided to embrace this phenomenon and would like every player to know they are welcome to come to our office to catch pokemon. We have our horse painted bright red now so it is easy to spot. We ask players to be aware of their surroundings when they do play the game as we are located on a busy intersection.