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Rocco’s Passion

Most people know Rocco Festa as the owner of Rochele

by Samuel Festa • 2 min read

Most people know Rocco Festa as the owner of Rochele Painting. He started the business with his wife Michele in 1975. Rochele Painting was Rocco’s passion for over 30 years. However his life long passion for cooking has been allowed to flourish since retiring.

Rocco Festa was born in Calabria, Italy in 1947. At the age of three, Rocco hopped on a boat with his mother and siblings and migrated all the way to Australia where they were re-united with their father who had set up the family base in Biloela on a Cotton farm.

Rocco, the youngest of the boys in the family, spent many days around the kitchen with his mother watching her cook dishes from their homeland. It was in this environment that Rocco began to understand that food and cooking had an important role in bringing the family together. Like all good italian boys Rocco didn’t leave home until the tender age of 26!

Over the next 35 years cooking took a back seat as Rocco built his career and family. During this time Rochele Painting was formed and based on the good family values Rocco cherished, the business thrived. Three years ago Rocco retired.

So then what does Rocco do now? He still plays an active part at Rochele Painting as CEO where he overlooks strategic decisions. However, the main running of the business is in the capable hands of his two sons Samuel and Jeremy Festa. Now Rocco’s full time job is cooking for his family. He’s always had the passion to cook but not always the time for it. For years the family have begged Rocco to share his recipes and now he finally has started sharing them through images not words. Why? Because he hates recipes and never uses them. He creates recipes and just goes with what he feels is right. He now wants others to learn to do the same and has created his own facebook page “Rocco’s Kitchen” which now has a strong following.

Cooking is easy, it’s simple, stop making such a fuss….

For more on Rocco and his recipes visit and don’t forget to “LIKE” his page.


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