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WIN A PEBBLE SMART WATCH!!! and become prompt & professional like Rochele Painting.

Entering is easy! Simply email the name and email address of five friends to prompt@rochelepainting.com.au that you know would be interested in joining our monthly mailing list.

Please get permission from each friend before sending in your entry. Entries will be collected over the next 3 weeks and the winner announced in next months newsletter so all your friends will know if you won or not.

Several Rochele Painting staff members are using Pebble watches to help make them as prompt and professional as possible. As Queensland’s premier painting company we know the importance of adopting new and exciting technology to ensure stay on top of our game. The Pebble watch links via bluetooth to your smartphone allowing text mesages, emails, facebook updates and more to be displayed discretely on your wrist. View the above video to see just how the Pebble Watch works.

So what are you waiting for?

Notify five friends that you want to share their emails with Rochele Painting and send them in as per the below template:

Email Subject: Notify a Friend Competing
My Name: “John Smith”
My Email: email@example1.com
My Phone: 1234567889
5 friend list
#1 Sally email@example1.com
#2 Sam email@example2.com
#3 Ali email@example3.com
#4 Dave email@example4.com
#5 Greg email@example5.com

Email your entry to prompt@rochelepainting.com.au no later than 31st January 2014. Good Luck!