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Maintenance & Repayment Plans Article – Resort News

by Ali |

Guided by a professional management team Rochele Painting has developed a passionate commitment to providing customers with the highest level painting service in the in- dustry. Our service philosophy stems from our vision to be the most Prompt and Professional painting company in South-East QLD.

Specifically servicing resorts, hotels and the strata industry, Rochele Painting have been specialising in providing a number of maintenance and repayment plan options. Our repayment plans allow the property to be repainted now, and then repaid over several years.

Our maintenance painting plan ensures that after repainting is complete, nominated surfaces retain their clean, fresh appearance through regular washing and the rectification of any paint breakdown.

Each complex and painting project is unique therefore each plan is provided with a flexible lifespan, ranging from 12 months through to 10 years. Payments can be fixed and evenly spread or staggered to suit all budgets. When Paul Whitley and Anne McLean took over as resident managers of Avalon Parkside in September 2011 they also inherited an 8 year maintenance plan from Rochele Painting.

Having recently carried out Year 2’s inspections, report and subsequent touch-ups and repairs, Paul Whitley says having only been associated with Rochele Painting for a short time since taking over Avalon Parkside, I have found their service standards exemplary and their workmanship is of a high standard. As year 2 approached they contacted us and one of their trained and qualified staff did a survey of the buildings under our maintenance plan and then the painters arrived undertook the work required to a high standard ensur- ing all work completed was timely and without interruption to the tenants and residents. They have also undertaken some minor works for us throughout other areas of Avalon Parkside, which again has always been undertaken in a professional manner.

Rochele Painting explain, by painting the entire property in Year 1, our customers can be assured that their asset is protected against further deterioration, and the resulting increase in rectification costs.

As a family owned and operated business, Rochele Painting strive to be in- dustry leaders. Over 80% of all Rochele Painting jobs come from either cus- tomer referrals or repeat customers. Providing maintenance and repayment plans as a key service allows Rochele Painting to form a solid relationship with the onsite managers and the complex community in general, in an industry where word-of-mouth is the best marketing possible.

For more information visit our maintenance & repayment plans page or contact jeremy@rochelepainting.com.au.