Living Room Painting


The living room is the heart of your home and your wall colour here sets the foundation for your colour, style and décor throughout the whole house. It might be tempting to slap on a coat of paint as a quick spruce up, but when it comes to your living room, an impeccable paint job is essential to take any look from good to great. High ceilings, scuffs on the walls and working around furniture make painting the living room more challenging than most people first think.

Our trusted team of colour consultants, interior designers and professional tradies will not only do a magazine worthy paint job, they’ll get the job done promptly so your life doesn’t have to stop just because your living room is out of action.

  • Why choose Rochele for your living room painting?

    Are you looking to brighten up a small, dark space? Create a fresh, modern look or really need to tear down that dated wallpaper? In our many years of painting Queensland homes, we’ve learnt a thing or two so let our experience make giving your living room a makeover, easy.

    • Our expert colour consultants will help you find the right colours – We keep up to date with the latest trends, know how to maximise space and show off your personality and will work with you to make your living room warm, inviting and homely
    • We respect that your house is a home – Having your living room out of action with plastering, sanding and wet paint can be a bit tricky, especially if you’ve got kids! We don’t expect your life to be put on hold while we paint and will do our best to make the whole process as simple and undisruptive as possible
    • We pay attention to every detail for a perfect finish
    • We can advise on interior decoration – If changing your wall colour has got you wondering if it’s time for those old curtains to go, our interior decorators are happy to offer you advice on how to update the whole look
    • We’re friendly – You don’t want a living room full of grumpy tradespeople so we hire nice, genuine and trustworthy people you’re happy to have in your home.
    Clayfield living room interior painting
  • Our living room painting process

    We’re not satisfied with anything other than perfect so we won’t skip steps that could cause your nice, new paint job to crack, peel and blister a few months down the track. Our comprehensive painting process includes:

    • Protecting your belongings – With your furniture safely moved away from the walls, we’ll also cover the floor with drop cloths, remove electrical fittings and tape anything that’s not being painted
    • Treatment of mould and stains – We’ll carefully see that any mould or stains are treated to prevent them from bleeding through your fresh coat of paint.
    • Professional preparation – Poor surface preparation leads to paint failure, no matter how good the paint itself is. Our team will plaster, sand and remove any old paint for a perfect finish
    • Thorough cleaning – Dust and dirt prevents paint from sticking causing it to peel and flake. All surface will be thoroughly washed for a long-lasting finish
    • Use of quality paints – While paint colour is essential, paint quality is equally as important. We’ll give you a choice of the best paint brands you know and trust and can recommend the right type of sheen to finish off your look
    • Clean up and disposal – Once we’ve finished painting, we will unwrap and unmask, replace electrical fittings and remove all rubbish from your home so all you’ll have to do is enjoy
    pre-sale living rom painting
  • Your freshly painted living room

    Upon completion, we’ll do a quality inspection and then invite you to inspect our work to make sure you’re happy with what we’ve done. Once any touch-ups have been completed we’ll leave you with a small pot of matching paint just in case you ever need it.

    presale interior house living room painting

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