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Top 5 Lessons Learned from Painting Commercial Properties

by Ali |

Rochele Painting has been in existence for 40 years. Over that time, we have learned through trial, error, and hard work, the essential ‘must-haves’ when painting commercial properties. Commercial property, such as houses, offices, shops, and schools, are often large buildings involving many people. To complete complex jobs on-time, team-work, due diligence, and leadership is required.
We have outlined the five most important components of painting commercial properties below.

1. Excellent Communication

Closing a business to paint is often cost prohibitive. The shops, schools and offices we paint are usually functioning while we paint.  Painters must complete the job without getting in the way of the businesses day-to-day operations. This requires the painting team to understand the businesses mode of operations and timetable, as well as open communication to make sure everyone’s needs are met. We need to coordinate numerous meetings and check-ins to communicate small changes and ensure there remains a positive working relationship. We used this skill recently with the paint project for the high-rise Skyline Apartments located in Brisbane CBD. The hotels and apartments were fully functional during our work.

2. Careful Planning

Commercial painting projects can be massive, including high-rises and multiple buildings. The exterior and interior painting projects on this scale require extensive planning if the project is to be completed on time and run smoothly. We need to ensure the scaffolding arrives and is picked up when needed, the correct paint quantities are ordered in advance, and the correct number of painters are available during the time frame. When we did the Tribeca inner city apartment painting project, we had some logistical hurdles regarding parking and material deliveries etc. but our QBCC licensed supervisors were easily able to overcome the obstacles. With careful planning, projects are completed on time and problems are predicted and avoided before they arise.

3. Experienced Painters

If you want to be the best commercial painting company, you need the best commercial painters. They should have sufficient experience and enthusiasm to complete commercial painting projects. We carefully screen, select, train and retain the best painters. The majority of our painters have worked with Rochele Painting for a long time. Some have been with us for more than 15 years! You can visit our team page to know more about our wonderful team.

4. Expert Leadership

Commercial painting projects are typically complex. Frequently it involves multiple painters, and the clients require more than one person to signs off to make a decision. Often a committee or group is included and involved in the decision-making. We reduce complexity and confusion, by giving the committee one point of contact. The contact we provide is a qualified QBCC supervisor and experienced painter and project manager. They have the ability to make decisions onsite to ensure our team of painters are directed in the most efficient was possible. Through communication, experience, careful planning, and expert leadership, projects run smoothly.

5. Industry Leadership

After 40 years in the industry, we now have the collective knowledge and experience to tackle the biggest and most complex commercial painting projects. It hasn’t happened overnight. We have invested in training such as first aid, working safely at heights and a qualified abseiler on staff. We are invested in hiring and maintaining a team of expert, including everything from administration, management, estimation, supervision, interior decorating, and of course, painting. Combined, our team of enthusiastic, professional, and reliable experts has made us a leader in the commercial painting industry.