Kids Bedroom Painting

Painting kids rooms can be so much fun! It’s a chance to let their personalities shine and create a great space for learning, playing and resting. But a kids bedroom painting project can be tricky in itself. If you’re wondering how to create a themed room that can grow and change as your child does, or you want something that’s unique and individual but still blends with the rest of the house, our professional colour consultants and interior designers are here to help.

  • Why choose Rochele to paint your kids' bedroom?

    In our 40+ years of experience, we’ve had the pleasure of working with parents and their kids to create rooms that become a haven for playing, learning and resting.

    Whether you’re looking to create a stylish nursery, let your child’s imagination run wild in a themed hideaway or transform a dated room into teenage hangout, we’re excited to help.

    When choosing Rochele to paint your children’s bedroom we’ll:

    • Let the kids have a say – Our friendly team are happy to chat to your kids and learn what they like to create a room they won’t want to leave
    • Play with colours that match your home – While it’s fun to create a unique kids bedroom, if you want a style that’s consistent with the rest of your home our interior designers will help to find something that works for both
    • Consider how they’ll grow and change – You don’t want to have to repaint your kids room a year down the track after they decide they don’t like pink anymore. We’ll work with you and them to find something you can easily update as their needs and likes change
    • Use paints that make cleaning easy – Kids rooms require a durable finish paint that’s easy to clean so it can handle anything they literally throw at it
    kids bedroom painting
  • Our kids bedroom painting process

    When it comes to painting, it’s the fine details that take a job from good to great and there’s no exception when painting kids bedrooms.

    During our initial consult, we’ll work with you to create an overall look and concept for your child’s bedroom and set out a clear schedule so you know exactly how much time the painting will take. Following that our friendly and professional team of tradespeople will:

    • Protect your furniture, flooring and all the toys – We ask that you remove all furniture, belongings and toys out of your kids room before we start painting and will cover the floor to prevent any accidental damage
    • Fix up holes, dents and scratches – Chances are your kids room has already had a few knocks and scratches over the years. Our professional plasterers will smooth over any blemishes so the new paint job is perfect
    • Use the best tools for a quality finish – Any painting finish is only ever as good as the tools you use so we use the best primers, paints and brushes for a quality finish
    • Pay attention to the details – Whether we’re working around shelving, painting a feature wall or applying decals, we’ll pay attention to the details for a perfect finish
    • Leave the space clean – So your child can unleash their excitement for their new room, we’ll leave it clean and tidy
    painted kids bedroom with grey bunkbed in the corner
  • Your freshly painted kids room

    Before your kid rushes in to explore their new playing and sleeping space one of our QBCC licensed supervisors will complete a quality inspection and make any touch-ups if necessary. You’ll then have the chance to look over our work and make sure you’re 100% happy with it before signing the project off as complete.

    And don’t worry, we’ll leave you with a small pot of matching paint just in case.

    Man painting kids bedroom

Your kids bedroom painting questions, answered

  • Can I get a consultation for interior decorating?

    Yes. Our sister company Rochele Decorating offers this service

  • Why do I need a colour consultation?

    Sometimes it is hard to visualise what a colour would look like once painted on your property. A colour consultant is a professional in their field and they know what would suit your style of property

  • What tips for DIY projects are there?

    All we can say is Good Luck! But all jokes aside check out our How To guides

  • Do you offer virtual quoting?

    We do. Sometimes we can’t get access to a property or it’s in between owners. We just need plans, measurements and photos if possible to ensure an accurate quotation. Onsite quoting is our preferred method

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