How To Decide What To Paint?

by Ali |


How To Decide What To Paint?

It is a big decision deciding what to paint on your property.  Not all of us have the luxury of painting our entire property so how can you decide what is best to paint? First you need to be clear on why you are painting your property. Here are a few common reasons:

        1. Getting the property ready for sale or rent
        2. Just purchased a property and want to do work before moving in
        3. Maintenance repairs

    If you are wanting to paint your property before you put it up for rent or sale then it is essential to decide on what will create the biggest impact and improvement for the buyer?  Usually it is areas that are easily seen from street view and also upon entering the property as well as any problem areas that may deter a suspecting buyer.  In this instance we would recommend painting any external features that need some attention as well as any problem areas such as peeling ceilings, water damaged areas or high traffic areas such as hallways and doorways that may have some wear and tear.
    Have you just purchased a property and are getting ready to move in? It is extremely common for people to get painting done on a newly purchased property to minimise the inconvenience of having it painted after their move.  This is a great idea as it also allows the painters full access to all areas and they can usually get through the job a lot quicker with less obstacles in their way. If this is the main reason you are getting your property painted we would recommend doing the full interior of the property.  This way you can move into a freshly painted interior with the scope to get the exterior done at a later date with minimal inconvenience to you and your family.
    Due to our harsh Queensland weather and the majority of our properties being made of wood the most common reason we find people get painting done is for maintenance and to ensure their property is repaired before the damage is too much.  It is a great idea to keep on top of your maintenance requirements for your property otherwise it can devalue very quickly and you end up spending a lot more money than you originally would of if you had maintained from the get go.  If this is your primary reason for painting then we would recommend making a list of what needs urgent attention all the way to areas which need preventable treatment.  From this list you will then see what is most worthy of a lick of paint.

  1. In summary it really depends on your reasons for painting your property on how you decide what you should paint.  If you are getting a quote from a professional painter be sure to ask them to itemise the areas you are wanting painted so you can easily decide what to choose first.