How to Choose the Right Paint Brush

by Ali |

It is all about quality when choosing the right brush. If you choose a cheap paint brush, it can loose bristles and be very difficult to work with, producing an inferior finish along with more frustration. A professional brush will apply a cleaner, smoother finish and require less brush strokes; with the paint being applied quicker and with less effort. Typically, longer thicker brushes help get the job done quicker.

Brush Selection

There are many different sizes and shapes when it comes to brushes including flat, oval and angular. It is best to have a variety on hand when painting a room for optimal results. Each project you do will usually require two brushes; one for the finer details and one for the larger areas. You will need to keep in mind the surface area you are painting and here is how to choose the right brush:

  • For cutting into corners, you will need a brush with a tapered edge – roughly 50mm to 75mm
  • You will need a contoured flat brush for exteriors and flat walls
  • Good quality brushes are never flat-topped; they will be contoured on the end
  • Use a white flat brush of 75mm for interior walls & ceilings
  • For detailed areas, use an angled brush – which are also great for surfaces which are narrow and hard to reach as well as a good choice for an all-purpose brush
  • When doing touch-ups, trims, molding or window sashes, it’s best to use a 25-63mm brush