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Going Solar @ Rochele Painting

by Ali |

PLEASE SHARE this video to help encourage other businesses to go solar. The benefits of solar are not just environmental they are financial. Queensland businesses or homeowners at home during the day will get a great financial benefit by switching to solar power. The other upside will of course be a cleaner and greener world for the next generation.

Video Transcript:

We live in such a fast pace era. It often feels like we have little time to contemplate our decisions we make in life and in business. It’s a shame because it may be these little decisions that are the most important.

My parents started this business I now run with my two siblings. This fact acts as a constant reminder of how important smart decisions are to the next generation who will inherit the consequences. My parents made smart decisions and I hope one day our decisions will be considered smart by our children will hopefully run it.

This year we are proud to announce that Rochele Painting will now be getting almost all their energy from the sun. A twelve kilowatt system was installed by R Jay electrical services that supplies all the energy needs of our medium sized office on a sunny day and most of our energy even when it is cloudy. We will pay off our initial investment in the system in just 4 years so not only does it make environment sense it makes financial sense as well.

Solar has come of age in the last 5 years, with prices falling on panels, even as all the subsidies and feed in tariffs have been reduced or removed. After some research in to a cost effective way to reduce our carbon footprint, we decided we could use the otherwise wasted rooftop space, to generate most of the energy our office uses during the day, especially on those sunny days when the air conditioners are running at full. Queensland has a natural advantage in that respect. At this stage it is price competitive with other, more emissions intensive, ways of sourcing our energy.

I see it as an investment in our future. We will continue to look for ways to be more efficient and improve our business in all aspects. I would encourage any business, or anyone who is at home during the day, to think about getting your own solar system.
For more information on Rochele Painting visit https://www.rochelepainting.com.au


Thanks to Bryan Crawford who suggested we go Solar and filmed this project. He is the director of https://www.longbowproductions.com.au.

Also a big thanks to R Jay Electrical https://www.rjayelectricalservices.com.au who specified and installed the system and allowed us to film the great job they did.