Go Kart Social

by Ali |

What better way to have a fun social event for our hardworking painters than letting off some steam at Kingston park Raceway. The competition was tight but the laughs were plenty. Organised by Josh, one of our project managers, he had arranged for all the painters he looks after to come together to enjoy an afternoon on Rochele. Everyone loves a good go karting session where they can let their hair down and zoom around the track with no care in the world.

There is always the cautious ones who don’t have the need for speed and for this Josh awarded the Mr Magoo trophy to. The slowest but fairest racer of the day and winning the Mr Magoo trophy was Courtney – Well done! Josh also mixed things up a little and surprised the team after the race by awarding 1st, 2nd and 3rd placings to the opposite end of the race. The three slowest racers ended up being the winners for the day so a big congratulations to Morteza, Mokhtar and Angela! It was also great to have Sean from Wattyl attend the day and we are so grateful for the support that Wattyl gives our hardworking team members.

We are so grateful to be able to spend quality time with our team who are the backbone to Rochele. We are a family business and like to think of them as an extension of our family. Thanks again to Josh who organised this event and allowed his team to swap the paint brush for the race track!