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Feature Walls & Decorating Tips

by Ali |

There are several elements of decorating that need to be considered in order to achieve a well decorated room. “Colour” is one of the most important elements of decorating and figures dominantly when planning a decorative scheme.

When decorating, it is important to first consider the purpose of the room and the general “character” of the room.
In this instance the room being decorated is a baby girlʼs nursery.

Colour is an important element in decorating. It can often be the starting point used to inspire the overall scheme and to help create the mood of a room. Colours with warmth will give the effect of being friendly and cosy which is important when decorating childʼs bedroom.

To also give the feeling of “warmth” you will need to consider the aspect that the room faces (i.e. how much sun it receives).

In this instance the room faces South East. Eastern and Southern rooms are cool and generally receive little or no direct sunlight. One general decorating rule for a room facing South or East, is to paint and decorate with warm colours. The opposite is true if decorating a room facing North or West.

The proportion and balance of a room can also be affected by colour and furniture. Because we are decorating a small room with dark timber floors, lighter tonal values for the painted walls and furnishings are best suited to make the room appear larger.

When decorating the amount of floor area covered by furniture must also be correct and practical. In a bedroom a 50:50 ratio of furniture to floor space can generally be applied.

Finally, when decorating a room there should be sufficient contrast to make it interesting and appealing. Contrast can be achieved through the use of pattern, colour or textures. In this instance, prior to its makeover, the room lacked colour contrast with all white furnishings, walls and window treatments. A neutral scheme can be sophisticated and modern, but may not be appropriate for a childʼs bedroom. By simply adding a light, warm pink feature wall more character and warmth is achieved in the decorated room.

In summary we were able to turn an empty room into the perfectly decorated baby girls nursery by following a few basic decorating tips:

  1. Use colour to inspire and to create the mood of the room
  2. Develop proportion and balance with the use of colour and furniture
  3. Ensure their is sufficient contrast to make the room intersting and appealing

The Rochele Painting team puts a lot of effort to bring all our customers information that is educational and interesting. However we sometimes don’t get it right in the first take. Have a look behind the scenes as Sam fumbles to record just a few words on camera.

Video Transcript:

Hi it’s Sam here from Rochele Painting. Today we’re going to decorate a child nursery. We’re going to first start with a feature wall then use that colour as inspiration to decorate the room in style.

So we finished our feature wall now and as you can see it’s a light pink cause it is a girl’s room. We’ve made sure that we used a low VOC paint because we are in a baby’s bedroom but now we are going to use that inspiration to bring in some furniture pieces and have the room looking great.

And here we have, our feature wall painted in the colour Emma Jane for our perfect little nursery setting.