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Do you also offer rendering, carpentry or plastering services?

Yes, we have fantastic tradesmen on our team that can

What is the warranty on my painting job?

Rochele Painting offers a 24 month workmanship warranty on all

How long is my quote valid for?

Our residential/commercial quotes are valid for 2 months from date

I am having new carpets installed, should I get painting done before or after?

We highly recommend painting prior to installing new carpets. Should

I only have a very small job, is there a minimum charge?

Rochele Painting is happy to quote any job for you,

My house is not yet built, can Rochele Painting quote off my plans?

Unfortunately we do not provide a service to quote off

I’m a Painter, how can I work with Rochele Painting?

If you are a Painter with trade qualifications and you

How soon can my painting commence?

Each job is different, the commencement of your painting will

What paint brand offers the best warranty?

Many are swayed by warranty claims of major brands offering

What paint brand is the best?

Inquiries about the best paint brand are frequent, yet in