Builders and tradesmen can source painters and manage the painting. Although this can appear simpler and more cost effective on the onset, there are a few draw backs to this method.

  • Personally selecting an hiring a painting company yourself puts you in direct communication with them, giving you greater leverage and control over price, quality and timeline.
  • Without a middle man to take a portion of the profit, hiring a company direct is often cheaper.
  • When receiving a quote from a painting company, you can ask for it to be itemised. Itemization of a job allows you to schedule what rooms or areas are a priority and what can be painted later, helping you to stay in budget and meet essential deadlines.
  • If you are involved, you can ensure the job is completed exactly how you wish and with the highest standards of quality.

For these reasons, we suggest hiring a paint company yourself if budget and quality are important to you.