Fandeck 2013 Launch

by Ali |


In an Australian first, Queensland’s leading painting and decorating company Rochele Painting has launched a new range of never before seen colours, which will be available across every major brand of paint in the country.

The Rochele Symbolic Colour Range which will be stocked by leading paint manufacturers including Dulux, Taubmans, Wattyl, Solver and Resene – will see residential, commercial and body corporate customers have the power to choose paint colour first, and the brand second, a freedom not previously available to customers repainting the interior or exterior of their property.

rochele symbolic colour BC 3336Rochele Painting Business Development Manager Sam Festa said the new range, which was developed in conjunction with colour consultants Kate D Art & Colour, represented the first time Australians could access a range of colours outside a manufacturer’s stock standard colour palette.

“Traditionally when people want to get their home, business or unit complex painted, they would first select a brand of paint and would then be restricted to selecting a colour within that manufacturer’s colour chart. In creating this new range, we wanted to give people the freedom to select the colour they want first and then choose the manufacturer” Sam said.

rochele symbolic colour BC 3335The original idea of an industry first swatch style brochure and colour range was conceived by Jeremy Festa, Rochele Painting’s Key Client Manager. From working closely with property manager and body corporate manager clients, Jeremy realised what a valuable tool a Rochele Painting colour range would be. “I will be distributing this to every Body Corporate and Realestate in South East Queensland. This means these clients can quickly and effortlessly select colours from our range and communicate it over the phone or via email, creating efficiency for our customers” Jeremy explains.

“In addition different paint manufacturers have different qualities. For example some paint brands lead the way in environmentally friendly paints, others in durability, which is why we felt it was so important to give customers the power to choose the colour first, irrespective of brand.” Jeremy adds further.

The Rochele Symbolic Range is the culmination of two years of intensive colour sampling, mixing and market research, during which the business worked closely with colour consultants Kate D Art & Colour.

“We wanted to ensure we were creating a range of unique, but universal colours that aptly captured the style and character inherent to the southeast Queensland corner, ” colour consultant Kate explains.

“We canvassed all the popular colours from each major paint brand and looked to put a fresh twist on them, to make them really special and distinctive,” Kate said.

rochele symbolic colour BC 3371Within the fandeck there are five core colour categories upon which the range is based, including: whites, grey/neutrals, greens, blues and reds. With a strong foundation as an artist, Kate has created five original artworks that are symbolic of each colour groups history, theory, and philosophy. The colour range was given the title “Symbolic” to highlight this and the fact it is an industry first.

Kate stated “These colours will enhance any house, unit or commercial property. We’ve endeavoured to satisfy the inclination of all clients by having a range that encompass’ a broad spectrum of colours from the bold and the bright to timeless neutrals.”

To date we have distributed more than 4,500 of our Symbolic Colour Range swatches to our industry leaders. Now to to celebrate its success and in the spirit of Christmas giving we would like to provide you with your very own colour swatch to help you plan your future project for your property or client.

To receive it simply contact us with your postal address and we will send one to you.