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Covid-19 update May 2020

COVID-19 update August 2021

The health and safety of Rochele’s customers and our painters are our top priority. Rochele Painting is continuing to monitor updates from the Queensland Health Department to take all necessary measures to keep everybody healthy and safe. We adhere to a strict safety protocol, which follows national guidelines. Thanks to @fonzieabbott for supplying Rochele Painting with 30 Litres of hand sanitiser for our worksites through SE Qld. Helping to keep our worksites as safe as possible in these trying times!

How quickly life can change but more importantly how quickly we can adapt to that change. This current lockdown is the hardest and strictest we have seen yet. However, the building and construction industry is still considered an essential service and in many ways is the engine of our Aussie economy. By spending money in building and construction now you are actively stimulating the economy in a very positive way.

We at Rochele Painting appreciate the ongoing support by all our wonderful customers and encourage more people to invest in painting their homes, offices and commercial properties now. We have invested heavily in cloud based technology to allow you to get your property quoted remotely and to enable customers to view the progress of their jobs via online photographic updates.

Working with our painters
Rochele Painting has strongly encouraged our painters and painting partners to inform our team if they, or a member of their family, are showing symptoms of COVID-19. The affected painters are taken off immediately from any upcoming painting projects. Once they have been declared healthy, they will be ready to be placed on projects again. It is important for us to look out for all our painters, our extended office team as well as our business health.

What can you do?
If you think you have been exposed to COVID, please take immediate action and contact your healthcare provider. If you are feeling sick, or if a member of your household has become ill, we encourage you to stay at home. Contact us if you have any open projects.

Book your project now, schedule later
We hope to be able to servicing your paint projects even during these difficult times. Another way we can service you is to pre-schedule paint projects for the future. If you were thinking about a painting project, or if you are planning one for the future, consider booking your project now and scheduling later. Our Project Estimators are available to quote your project remotely and help you schedule it.

Our painter’s best practices
social distancing at rochele painting

Rochele Painting has issued numerous precautions to our painters working in the field. Best hygiene practices are in place at our head office and our company vehicles are equipped with sanitiser wipes and employees are encouraged to take general hygienic precautions to keep everybody safe from the spread of Covid-19.

As a general reminder of how to slow the spread in Australia, here are some common tips:

Download Onsite Care Poster

We thank you for your continued trust and confidence in Rochele Painting. We continue to offer zero-contact offerings like free remote quoting and will keep adapting to the evolving situation.

Stay safe,
The Rochele Painting Team