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Rochele Painting has a number of maintenance and repayment plans to suit any unit complex, hotel or school.

Our plans are clear and honest, written in plain English with no fine print. Unlike other maintenance plans on the market we prepare and provide two full coats in the first year and provide an ongoing tailored maintenance solution to match your property and budget.

Maintenance Plans

  • Ensure the overall appearance of the property is maintained
  • Include annual inspection and reporting
  • Provides a maintenance allowance to be used in any capacity
  • Are fully tailored packages with various payment options
  • Cancel contract at any time
  • Refund maintenance allowance if unused

Repayment Plans

  • Allow a complex to be completely repainted today and paid over several years
  • Fixed equal payments spread over 6 months to 10 years

Why Choose Us?

  • Our maintenance and repayment plans are completely tailored to perfectly match our customer’s expectations and budget
  • Our plans are flexible and can be customised, or completed early with no penalty

We Specialise in Maintenance and Repayment Plans

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