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Having your gated community or holiday apartment complex repainted can seem like a nightmarish task! When your body corporate needs to decide on where needs painting, the best colours to select and find a professional company who will get the job done on time within your budget, it’s no wonder so many complexes end up truly run down. However, at Rochele, we understand the complexity of gated community and holiday apartment organisations and know how to efficiently repaint your property in a hassle-free way that’s easy for your managers, residents and guests.

Our 40 years of experience has taught us that gated community and holiday apartment projects are as much residential as they are commercial. Although the prep and painting tasks may be large and it’s necessary to coordinate with several key personnel, it’s just as important to ensure that your residents and guests are treated with respect in their home environment. As such, our team of qualified and experienced tradespeople have been hand-picked for their ability to work quietly and efficiently to complete the job with as little disruption to your community as is possible.

If your gated community or holiday apartment needs repainting, we can help with any job from small to large. Our diversified team of professional can help with all aspects of the project from providing expert consultation on colours to repair work and painting of all interior and exterior surfaces.

Gated Community and Holiday Apartment Painting Video

Why Choose Rochele for Your Gated Community and Holiday Apartment Painting?

  • Free on-site quotes within 24 hours
  • All-in-one service that covers all aspects of your gated community and holiday apartment painting project
  • Flexible work hours to cause minimal disruption
  • Careful project management by a QBCC qualified supervisor
  • Trusted, licensed and established company with $20 million public liability insurance, work cover and QBCC 51821

Our Gated Community and Holiday Apartment Painting Process

To back up our impressive claims, we’ve built our reputation for unbeatable quality and prompt service by:

  • Assigning a QBCC qualified supervisor to plan, manage and coordinate all aspects of your painting project between our team and your key stakeholders
  • Putting measures in place to minimise the disruption to your residents and guests such as working outside of peak hours and erecting temporary fencing and signage
  • Employing a team of specialised professionals including scaffolders, plasterers, sanders and abseil painters who are qualified and experienced at each component of more complex jobs
  • Providing you with a choice of low and no-VOC paints, durable and anti-graffiti coatings from all the major brands
  • Access to our full-time customer service staff who are more than happy to answer questions and hear any complaints

Our Finishing Touches

After finishing the painting of your gated community or holiday apartments, our tradespeople will ensure that the complex is left free of all tools and rubbish. We’ll then conduct a quality check whereby you’ll also be invited to inspect our work and request any touch-ups that you deem to be necessary.

Once your project has been signed off as complete, you’ll then be left with a 2-year warranty on our work. This covers all painted surfaces except for roofs, handrails and floors which are covered for 1 year. The automatic warranty provided by your chosen paint brand will also be passed on for complete peace of mind.

Our Payment Plans

As a family owned business, we understand that funding large projects such as painting gated communities and holiday apartments can be difficult. As such, we offer fully transparent and customisable payment plans that allow you to have the work done today, when it’s needed. You’ll then be able to make regular repayments over 6 months to 10 years without any early repayment penalties.

Another option we provide to make painting your gated community or holiday apartment complex more affordable are our maintenance plans. These can be tailored to your budget and include a yearly allowance that can be used in any capacity required with any unused balance being refunded at the end of the year.

To enquire about how we can service your gated community and holiday apartment painting, call our friendly team on 1300 808 164 or request a free quote today!