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  • Does Rochele use abseil painter to paint multilevel buildings?
    • We have been utilising abseil painters for several years now and have successfully completed many large scale commercial projects via abseil. We often combine it with various other forms of access such as elevated work platforms, fixed and mobile scaffold and swing stages. We are insured and licensed and will offer this form of access if it could improve the safety or workflow of your project.

  • What is your preparation for windows and does it include re-glazing?
    • Window preparation includes appling a primer to bare areas and filling imperfections. We will reglaze minor areas but where an entire glass panel or window needs to be re-glazed we will bring this to your attention so that you can source a professional window galzier

  • What brand of paint do you use?
    • We use all the major brands of paints including Taubmans, Dulux, Solver, Wattyl and Resene. However the most important point is that within these brands we only use their premium lines of paints. Meaining we dont their lower quality trade lines

  • What is the warranty on my painting job?
    • Once painting has been completed with us, the workmanship warranty lasts for 2 years on all surfaces except roofs, handrails and floors which we cover for 1 year. Please note, the paint itself has it’s own warranty.

      For all our Terms and Conditions and more details on our warranty see

  • How long is my quote valid for?
    • Our residential/commercial quotes are valid for 2 months from date of quote, Body Corporate quotes are valid for 12 months. Please contact our office should you wish to request a revision.

  • Why is it so expensive to repaint our building, (a B/C block of units) when the outside is all brick and there are only a few bit to paint?
    • A few things to take into account:

      Usually a block of units, (6 pack or more) are larger structures than your average house.

      They are also generally taller/higher. As such, accessing the areas that need to be painted, i.e. gutters, fascias, eaves, balcony railings and edges, requires special equipment, such as scaffolding, boom or scissor lifts and cherry pickers. Theses are referred to a EWP (elevated work platforms).

      Further to this, items such as gutters, and balcony railings require far more preparation prior to painting which can be labour intensive. Remembering, a average paint project cost can be broken down as 10-15% of the cost towards paint prices and materials and 85-90% towards the cost of labour.

  • Can I send you plans to quote from?
    • We specialise in repainting and therefore we only offer onsite quoting. We focus on providing prompt quotes and repaints directly to clients who are typically property owners, schools, retirement and aged care facilities, Body corporates and property managers

      We therefore dont typically work for or on behalf of builders or property developers and refer this type of work to our strategic painting partners Tedim Brothers.


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