Special Customer Video Testimonial


Upper Brookfield

Job Performed

Residential & Commercial Painting

Project Notes

As a customer since 1987 and having used Rochele Painting 12 times, Roy describes the Rochele experience as “effortless”.

Video Transcript:

I’ve been using Rochele since 1983. That must be 27 years now and mate, fantastic service. First started using them on a small house renovation and progressed it through to big industrial warehousing. Can’t recommend it highly enough.

How would you describe the Rochele experience?

Effortless and always the guys are more than keen to make sure the job is done efficiently and effectively each time and the level of services are really great too.

12 Jobs over 27 Years – has the company changed?

Interestingly enough, it’s changed in some ways but in the more important aspects of service, efficiency and quality, those aspects have remained the same and as important now as they ever were.

Would you recommend Rochele Painting?

Yes I certainly would. There is nothing like dealing with a family orientated business and being able to recommend friends you expect the high level of service that you have received yourself to be extended to them and Rochele definitely do that.