Baker Brothers’ Residential & Body Corporate Video Review


Clayfield Brisbane, QLD 4011

Job Performed

Residential & Body Corporate Painting

Project Notes

Hear how Richard and Michael appreciated the detail in our quote and why in the end Rochele Painting was the only one that provided a quote.

Video Transcript:

Have you heard of Rochele Painting before?

I have heard of them previously. They’ve been I think in this market and in this area for quite a number of years and generally you get a positive vibe or a negative vibe and their vibe was pretty positive. So, I didn’t have any qualms about approaching them for a quote and in fact they were the only quote we got when we finished because they were always able to respond very quickly and delivered to the time frame that we were looking for.

What impressed you most about Rochele Painting?

I think from my perspective, the personal touch, the real interest in delivering what we needed cause we did have a short time frame and there was a real focus from Rochele to make sure they met that requirement. They certainly covered everything in the quote. There was no need to ring back and say ‘Is this covered?’ or they’re going to do this or that and that was all itemized as you would say. Very comprehensive & impressed.

Are Rochele Painting prompt?

I think they were there the next day. It was a very fast turnaround and the quote came through very quickly.

Would you recommend Rochele Painting?

I certainly would. I think the quality of the workmanship was very high. The actual delivery, the turnaround time was remarkable I got to say. It was incredibly quick and very professional and the customer service was excellent and the quality of the product was very good.