Rental Property Painting


Brisbane Northside

Job Performed

Rental Property Painting & Plastering

Project Notes

As a realesate maintenance manager Monique interacts with Rochele Painting on a daily basis and is more than qualified to comment on our service.

Video Transcript:

We have over 2000 rental properties and constantly ask for quotes with Rochele and it quite often goes through. Prices are excellent and we never had problems with workmanship.

What do you like most about Rochele Painting?

Professionalism and efficiency. I don’t have any problems with ringing up one day and getting a quote the next.

Is Rochele Painting prompt?

Rochele is always prompt. If I phone up and need something done straight away, it is done that day, if not the next day.

Would you recommend Rochele Painting?

Definitely. Without hesitation, recommend them to all of our property managers. We have over 20 property managers and I don’t hesitate to recommend Rochele Painting.