Sylvan Beach Resort Painting Transformation

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Sylvan Resort Bribie Island-4
Sylvan Resort Bribie Island-1
Sylvan Resort Bribie Island-2
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Bribie Island - QLD 4507

Job Performed

Exterior and Interior Painting

Project Notes

Sylvan Beach resort project was larger in size taking approximately 5 weeks to complete. Our client was great to deal with, with them living onsite we made contact daily to make sure everything ran as smooth as possible. There was a colour change of the Bribie Island resort and our professional painting team started on the exterior and worked their way through finishing on the interior of the resort.

The resort was still fully functional during the painting process so we had to make sure the resort users and residents weren’t inconvenienced during the painting process. With the weather on Bribie Island being great during our time painting, it made it easy to complete this in the quick time frame the resort requested.

Access onsite was tough as there were cars coming and going throughout the day so we had to use a scissor lift so we could move when needed and a boom lift for the other tricky areas.

Overall this Bribie Island project was a pleasure to work on and the customer loved the end result of their newly painted resort.