Real Estate Painting – Customer Video Review

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Real Estate Painting

Project Notes

Luke works at Asset Plus Property and has been using Rochele for over 4 years. He loves our prompt and reliable service.

Video Transcript:

I am Luke O’Kelly from Asset Plus. We use Rochele Painting for a lot of our painting work. From large scale jobs down to small repairs. Anything from a two thousand dollar job or anything up to tens of thousands of dollars. They have good scalability. They are very reliable. Their team is very professional. They turn up on time. Their quote turnaround times are very good. They can deal with insurance work as well as the traditional residential house.

We started using Rochele Painting about four years ago. They were recommended by a mutual client. Over those four years we have had a good relationship and have done a lot of work together with Rochele Painting.

I would definitely recommend Rochele Painting. I have actually had them paint my house, but I have also recommended them to a lot of mutual clients to have their properties painted. In property management you deal with a lot of trades people. Many are unprofessional and one-man-bands. The great thing about Rochele Painting is that they are reliable, they are professional, and their team is professional. They do the job properly the first time and you never need to get them back.