Rochele Repaints New Farm’s Velo on Brunswick


New Farm Brisbane, QLD 4005

Job Performed

Commercial Painting & Colour Consulting

Project Notes

Hear how Brant had a vision of how his upmarket bicycle shop was going to look. He had placed a tight timeframe on transforming this large space and chose Rochele Painting because we were able to realise his vision and beat the tight timeframe he proposed.

This allowed him to begin trading earlier then expected while still achieving a stunning end result.

Video Transcript:

Hi my name is Brant and I am the owner of Velo on Brunswick and we have been in the premises since December 17th. We completely refitted, it was basically a clean skin. It was complete concrete, no fit out, it was raw, very raw. We chose Rochele because they had the experience. We also had a timeframe. We obviously wanted a good price but more importantly we wanted it done on time. We wanted the right fit out, the right colours but more importantly the experience.

Time frame was very important with us relocating. We had a timeframe to meet. The longer that we were down, the longer we were going to lose revenue. So we made that choice that if we could get in sooner that would obviously get us up and running sooner. So in the scheme of things a week and a half was the expected turn around and they did it in a week. So that extra four days gave me the chance to get up and running sooner. So when we came in the whole building was as we said a clean skin, there was nothing here. So we didn’t want to change the building too much we wanted to refine, give it a clean look. In most cases as a painter they probably want to fill all the holes. We actually wanted to give it a rough edge, an industrial look and talking to the painters gave us advice on the colours. We wanted to keep it fresh. We were going to change a few things but in their advice, for example the poles, we wanted to make them concrete but if we had of left them concrete it would have darkened the whole building. So their advice was to go with the white and that freshened the whole site up.

Would I recommend them? of course! The experience we had was very good, everything was on time and i think the fit out speaks for itself.