Tribeca Apartments High-Rise Painting Video Review


Spring Hill Brisbane, QLD 4000

Job Performed

Interior Painting, Exterior Painting, Colour Consulting

Project Notes

Tribeca Apartments is a beautiful apartment complex located in Spring Hill just moments from the Brisbane CBD. Rochele Painting was able to transform this iconic building through a combination of services that included professional colour consulting, exterior painters, interior painters, abseil painters and our in-house project manager. The job was finished on time and on budget with the end result not only improving the aesthetics of the building but also increasing business for the property managers that look after the complex. Rochele Painting regularly paints buildings of this size and complexity, meaning we have a wealth experience and knowledge to ensure these large jobs run smoothly and the finished result is transformational.

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Video Transcript:

My name is Vanessa. I work here at Tribeca Apartments. We are located in Spring Hill just moments from the Brisbane CBD. Myself and my husband manage the complex. Tribeca Apartments focusses mostly on corporate clients. We have a few owner occupiers who are just working in the city. We focus on the corporate clients.

When we first arrived the exterior was quite tired and looked like it needed a little bit of a refresh. We chose Rochele to paint the exterior of our building due to the price point and the customer service that was provided. We always had a representative to speak to directly. They always got back to us promptly and answered any questions that needed a little bit of clarification.

Melissa was our colour consultant. She came out, the entire body corporate committee attended the meeting. It was a lot of fun, we came around and she showed us some bright inventive colours and the body corporate committee was really excellent and got right on board with the upgrade and a little bit of personality to our building.

Post Rochele paint job it looks great. We are getting clients come in everyday and they are saying how great it looks, they think its a brand new building. They didn’t even notice it was here before and they think its just come up over night so it’s excellent.

Rochele actually did three of the interiors of the units as well they all came out absolutely beautiful. We have noticed that is actually attracting people to it. They are coming in from their lunch break and asking what we have available.

Tribeca Apartments is a high-rise building. It was great when Rochele was here. They kind of came in, communicated where they needed access to, we scheduled it in, most days it was seamless, we didn’t even know they were here.

Rochele started off doing all the balconies, so they entered all the apartments, did the balconies. Once they completed that they set up the scaffolding to make sure nothing was coming over the car park. There was abseiling as well. I think that they spent eight to twelve weeks abseiling the building to paint the exterior where there wasn’t floor access.

Even with all the complexity of the job we found it to be very smooth, seamless and pleasant. We would definitely recommend Rochele for buildings of similar or larger size to complete their work, it was excellent. Rochele painters were definitely prompt and professional.


Thanks to Tribeca Apartments for their kind words. It is a beautiful building run by beautiful people. To stay at Tribeca visit

Job Project Managed by Alastair Hart

Article by Samuel Festa