Residential High-Rise Painting in Highgate Hill


Highgate Hill Brisbane, QLD 4101

Job Performed

High Rise Painting, Colour Consulting, Abseil Painting, Interior Painting & Exterior Painting

Project Notes

Another one of Brisbane’s iconic and heritage-listed properties has recently had a complete re-paint care of Rochele Painting. At 68 metres tall, Torbreck Home Units was Brisbane’s first residential tower. Construction ambitiously began in 1958, was completed in 1960, and was awarded heritage status in 2000.

Situated on a rise in Highgate Hill, this Brisbane landmark overlooks the river and the Brisbane CBD. It is well worth a look for those interested in Brisbane’s rich architectural history.

Video Transcript:

My name is Linda Kerr, and I am the company secretary and site manager for Torbreck Home Units Ltd., which is a residential apartment block heritage listed in Brisbane. She’s a beautiful old girl’ she’s solid and she is magnificent and she is quirky and she has brilliant, brilliant residents living here. We try and keep them all happy and look after their investment because primarily, it’s their home.

Rochele have done a number of different jobs for us. They have painted the observatory that we are standing in, inside-outside, they have painted all of the outsides of both our tower block and garden block buildings. And most recently they have refurbed all the corridors in the tower block from ground floor level up to level thirteen. We did the colour selection through our board. They have done an awesome job. The boys were efficient, polite, incredibly organised, and didn’t inconvenience anybody. They were just brilliant; can’t highly recommend them enough, they were wonderful.

We have people who want to keep it as old world and original, and we have got other people who want the internals to be new and funky. And it is that differences in people that make it an interesting building; it’s not just the differences in ages, its the differences in opinions and styles. But at the same time, everybody respects each other and they just work well together and live well together.

Lots of feedback. One was how polite and quiet the tradesman was when they ran into them in the corridor and the other comment was what a beautiful finish it was, how it has absolutely given it a complete lift when they walk out their unit door into a lovely fresh and beautifully painted environment.

The residents do; they love the job that has been completed by Rochele – its perfect.

I would definitely recommend Rochele for building managers, even for homes; brilliant.


Thanks to Torbeck Home Units Ltd
Job Project Managed by Luke Palaziol
Article by Samuel Festa


An Iconic High Rise