Converted Church Painting Project – Video Testimonial


Norman Park Brisbane, QLD 4070

Job Performed

Commercial Painting, Colour Consulting

Project Notes

Hear how Lynn was so happy with the recent painting we did on her converted church property. She is passionate about the property, and rightfully so; it has charm and character and deserves to be looked after. Lynn explains how we exceeded her expectations and now she recommends and refers Rochele Painting whenever she can.

Lynn also utilised our colour consulting service and receives countless compliments on the colour scheme chosen. She wanted an active involvement in the colour consulting and the overall project – and we accommodated this request with ease.

Lynn’s Story:

I’m Lyn O’Donohue, I’m a Consultant Psychologist; and I practice from this building which I bought in 1993, which had originally been the Ithaca Presbyterian Church. And it was completed in 1885 – which was a long long time ago. Since then it’s had many, many roles.

I had one of the very good Colour Consultants come out. We had a good talk and between the two of us because she was a lovely woman and I was just as fair-minded and strong-minded as her. We worked out a brilliant colour scheme. I think it was a long time coming.

When they did the job, I expected a really, really good job; and I honestly mean this, it exceeded my expectations. Anybody who has spoken to me has said that I sounded like a walking certification for this company. And I said that I would trust them with anything.

They did tell me that they did commercial buildings and other things like that. So I knew I was in good hands. This is where I became very impressed – it was the level of effort that they went to. This is a very old building with chamfer boards, and they filled in the gaps between every board before they painted it.

They consulted with me every single day about the colours, they were good enough to go and get several sample pots when I wasn’t sure.

We decided on a colour scheme that’s been brilliantly successful. We get a lot of people walking past who drive everybody crazy upstairs by always asking who chose the colours and who did the building. So we’ve been really thrilled.

We had them on board here for about 3 and a half weeks, maybe 4 weeks because of rain. They were just so polite, really good decent people that respected the property and were pleasant and polite. I’m quite impressed. The main stopper was the people upstairs were sick of everybody coming in and always asking questions about the job, because they were so impressed.

I’m not sure why they didn’t just ring you directly! They wanted to talk about the experience. And I was really happy to tell them it was a really good experience.