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Supporting the Community

Rochele Painting forms charity partnerships that deliver shared community value. A partnership with Rochele Painting reaches all corners of the community and positions business alongside Queensland’s premier painting company.

Supporting the Community

Rochele Painting & Brisbane Youth Service

The Painting With Purpose Team selected Brisbane Youth Service as the recipient of a $25,000 in-kind grant from Rochele Painting. This pledge of painting services provides not only an enhancement to the living environment of residents in Brisbane Youth Service emergency accommodation, but it also allows money that would have been spent on painting by BYS, to be redirected to frontline services, supporting the most vulnerable in our community.

Brisbane Youth Service (BYS) supports young people aged 12-25 at risk or experiencing homelessness. Our partnership with BYS provides a sponsorship package tailored to their unique needs.

We are passionate about assisting this charitable organisation. Brisbane Youth Services looks after the youth community in a variety of ways: 

  • Helps young people and young families to find safe and secure housing.
  • Addresses physical and mental health issues of young people where required.
  • Provides pathways back into employment and education.
  • Offers a secure hub with a supply of food, clothing, locker space and schedule of group activities.
  • Supports young people in their transition to adulthood.

Rochele Painting is committed to making a tangible difference, helping BYS create new futures for the most vulnerable young people in our community.

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