Behind The Scenes

by Ali |

Believe it or not, many months of planning went into creating the Rochele TV commercial. It all started with James Gately (who specialises in developing company brands) suggesting the idea of creating a TV campaign that centered around our company’s painters. His idea was to show one of our real painters, in his real house with his real family, getting ready for his day at work. The idea is that if potential customers could see one of our painters during their morning routine, they could connect with them and not just see them as a painter, but as a great person.
Bryan Crawford  (who specialises in film production) was then approached to shoot and edit the commercial. He also loved the idea and started to work with James to pick one of our painters, supervisors and customers to be included in the project. A script was then developed that accounted for every second being filmed. The script was then visually drawn up as a story board with the proposed spoken component recorded and timed to ensure the pace was right.
After several weeks of back and forth refinements to ensure the script and details of the proposed shoot were ready we booked in the filming dates. For the first 15 second TV ad we hired a lighting expert to overcome the challenges of filming indoors. It took approximately 2 or 3 hours to shoot the 15 seconds of footage needed. Once edited we were convinced it looked great and so we booked in to shoot part two of the TV ad. As this was to be shot outdoors we had to postpone due to bad weather a couple of times. We actually managed to shoot within an hour for this second part. Once part two was edited we consulted a sound editing expert and started preparing the ads to be submitted for approval on free to air TV.
All in all the whole process is a wonderfully creative journey that allows us to showcase how truely passionate we are about our painters and our company